Some Important Car Warning Lights You Should Be Knowing About

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If you are someone who owns a modern car then you must really know how much it has made your life easier. The features that a new car offers can’t be comparable which is why the overall driving experience of anyone drives is literally worthwhile. One of the biggest innovation that has occurred in the modern cars is the warning lights you get when there is some problematic area you need to get fixed. This is something which has actually made our lives easier. Let’s find out some of the important amber beacons lights you should be aware of.

Low Engine Oil

The warning light comes with a symbol of an old style oil can. This means that you either have low engine oil or there is some problem with the oil filter or pump which needs to be fixed. Once the particular warning sign occurs, make sure you take the necessary action as soon as possible as this could lead to a long term damage. If you are not taking the car to the professional, then make sure you are thoroughly checking the engine carefully.

Tire Pressure

The warning sign for indicating the tire pressure warning may depend from car to car but most commonly, a tire sign shows up if there is something wrong with the tire. For safe and smooth running of tires, the correct pressure in them is very important. This is due to this a warning sign occurs if your car does not carry the right air pressure in tires.

Check Engine

One of the most dreaded warning signs you could have in your car is the engine checking lights. The warning sign looks like an outline of an engine block which looks the same in every car. This means that there is something very much wrong with the engine and needs to be rectified right away before it could lead to a heavy damage. If the light of the warning sign is flashing, this could mean that there is something wrong with the emission system. If the light is not flashing but is still there, then there could be something more seriously wrong which needs the help of a professional to get over it. Visit for led flashing lights.

Coolant Temperature

To maintain the cars temperature is very important which is why a warning sign which indicates a thermometer dipped into liquid is shown if your car is about to overheat soon. An overheated engine has a direct impact on the engine of the car which of course could be a very big damage if not taken care of rightfully. We suggest to park the car on a side if you see this particular light popping up and open the hood of the car in order for it to cool down in a bit.