Plan Your Wedding Ceremonies Well Before Time

Event Services

We marry only once, at least for most people. So we wish that ceremony to be something that we can cherish in the years to come. Circle of Love will thus design your wedding in a manner that it exhibits your particular style and they make sure that it is so visually appealing and aesthetically satisfying that it stuns each and every one who attends your ceremony. Whether you already have something in mind and want them to narrow down ideas or you want to start from scratch, the team at Circle of Love is capable of doing it both ways.

For them love and its celebration with those we love is of prime importance and they believe everyone has the right to have that day, the wedding day in their lives and through their services, they attempt to be a part of your big day. As far as decoration of the venue is concerned, the stylist on board will design everything either around a theme that you have decided or on a particular color and from their own they would draw inspiration and plan out everything. A tip to remember is that if nothing else, coordination must be there, between you and your planner, your planner and their team, and everything and everyone else, this way everything will happen as you have planned it.

What you see on the wedding day, a lot of effort goes into bringing it to reality. First and foremost is the location for your wedding, for example if you want it by the beach, in the woods, in the church, or in hall, and if your desired place is available on the date you have decided for the wedding and within your budget. Secondly, they will also help you out while you apply for the permit of your wedding. As far as decoration, lighting, music, caterers, photographers, florists, these are all people who either they know of or the ones you suggest and can be relied upon for supplying. While planning and especially if it is for the outdoors, they always have a plan B set in case there are any weather changes. This entire process of planning a wedding ceremony Melbourne can be very tiresome, but the team at Circle of Love is there to answer any query that you would have and ensure that you do not stress out over anything.

All this is what goes in before your big day, but there is a lot that still needs to be managed on the day itself. Representatives from Circle of Love would greet all your guests and will guide them towards the right venue at the right time. They will coordinate with the photographers and will once again brief them about last minute things, they will make sure that the DJ plays the right music playlist or if you are having a live performance then everything goes well.