Different Types Of Crane

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A crane is a type of vehicle which is used for construction purpose. Crane is equipped with a hoist rope, it has wire ropes and sheaves. Cranes can be used in many ways, the main purpose of the crane is to lift heavy stuff. Cranes are the best to transfer heavy loads from place to another place. There are different types of cranes available in the market and each crane use for different purpose. Following are the types of cranes.

Tower crane:

Tower crane is used in the construction purpose and usually, these cranes are used in the making of the tall building. Now a day’s all the building in the cities are tall especially the business building because it provides more space for the offices. Tower crane is used to lift the steel and other construction materials and tower crane stay at the construction site till the time of construction because it is fixed to the ground so it is easy to transfer all the stuff from ground floor till top floor. It has the ability to lift the heavy stuff that’s why it most common vehicle uses in a construction site and if you find any crane sales in Australia buy it one for your business.

Vehicle mounted crane:

Vehicle mounted crane is also known as truck-mounted cranes because this crane you have probably seen on highways because these cranes are used for transferring the cars from one place to another place. They are heavy duty cranes they can carry numbers of cars with them at the same time. The main purpose of the vehicle-mounted crane is loading and unloading the heavyweight.

Aerial Cranes:

Aerial cranes are also known as helicopter cranes and sky cranes because are the helicopters but it has an ability to lift heavy weights. These cranes are used in those areas where the land is weak and not able to bear the weight of heavy cranes. They have the ability to reach anywhere and everywhere.

Rough terrain crane:

As its name said rough terrain crane, it has four wheels which are made up of rubber and this type of crane is especially for the rough areas. But you cannot drive this rough terrain crane to the highway and where the traffic is because this crane is designed for the rough space.

Railroad crane:

You may find this type of cranes only on railroad because they are designed for the railroads’ construction purpose and repair the railway tracks.


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